• teen-counsellingTeen Counselling

    Is your child struggling in school? Feeling stressed out? Facing difficulties with friends? Causing tension at home? Unsure of what to do after high school? A trained child & adolescent counsellor helps children by providing individual counseling in the following domains:

    • Personal/Social development
    • Academic development
    • Career development

    The primary goal of child & adolescent counselling is to reduce barriers to your child’s academic performance. Barriers to academic success come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it is reducing anxiety, working on study skills, developing healthy friendships, facing problems in the home, setting goals or addressing bulling (to name a few), counselling provides a safe and confidential environment for your child to speak with a caring, professional counsellor who can support his or her development.

  • parent-counsellingParent Counselling

    • Each family member’s view of the situation and their needs are discussed. Unhelpful and helpful patterns of interaction are identified. The counsellor helps the family work towards common goals.
    • The family is a system of which each individual member is a part of. Therefore an individual’s behaviour is influenced by how the family functions. The counsellor helps family members communicate with one other effectively, develop skills to resolve issues faced and enhance their relationships with each other.

    Benefits of Family Counselling

    • Research findings support the effectiveness of family counselling.
    • Since the family is a system, change is best facilitated by working with the family as a whole. Neither the individual nor the family is blamed for any problem. Families are helped to recognize systemic factors that contribute to a particular problem. They can then participate in finding solutions.
  • career-counsellingCareer Counselling

    • Goal setting
    • Improve academic self-concept
    • Acquire study skills for improved learning
    • Motivation techniques to achieve individual potential
    • Learn to balance studies, extra-curricular activities, leisure, family, etc.
    You are stuck in a dead-end career, your job satisfaction has hit an all-time low.
    – You think an MBA / MS / PhD will make a big difference to your career prospects, but you aren’t sure if the huge investment will be worthwhile.
    – You have very specific problems at work that you’d like some help on.
    – You have job or career related queries that you can’t share with your boss or the HR department.
    – You are just too damned confused or frustrated about what you want from your career, where you are right now and where you want to take it.